Seeker at heart and lover of soul awakening moments, events and evolution… maybe revolutions. Oh yes… AND LOVE… LOVE in every single way it shows up. Love makes my heart sing, my cells vibrate.  This LOVE has convinced my soul that our human experience is worth everything we experience and grow through.

I AM a Mama to five babes all in very different stages of life – 6 months to 21 years old. My soul announced that this was my path from an early age and I jumped right in (through various hoops and circus acts). It’s an interesting story and it keeps me young…maybe exhausted, but most definitely grateful for every, single, loving soul that has chosen me as their teacher.

My passions are many and interchangeable. I did not run to one “career,” as I have experienced MANY!  I’ve done so much through this journey of self-discovery and I could recite my various titles, certificates and licenses…but really, who does that serve?  Your ego or mine? What continues to call my soul is my profound desire to empower women and their families, live holistically, support the human collective and infuse as much love and positivity into the world as possible, because I truly believe in the magic of life.

Every. Single. Ounce.

And I encourage my babes to believe in it.

I am here to learn and experience as much as possible and believe me, there have been times where I have allowed my personal selfishness and ego to take control and make many poor decisions. I have caused pain and heartache resulting in a profound wandering from my path, but all of my experiences and lessons have helped write the many chapters to this journey AND I truly love every part of this story. I know with absolute certainty that I have come here to love and honor every part of my being.

This is my story, the story of Jen.

I am here now and this is my offering to each of you:

I encourage and support your journey.

I do not judge you.

l love you and will do my best to share my knowledge and skills so that you feel empowered to face what may be difficult, decisions, paths, or questions – health, parenting, relationships and…life.

I offer knowledge only through what I have experienced.

If your soul is yearning, if you hear the calling, please reach out.

I am here for you.

Thank you so much for visiting and joining this journey.

I honor each of you.